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Enhance your Google rankings and build a strong online reputation to see your business grow. Review Master Hub boosts your online visibility and customer engagement.

Transform Customer Feedback and

Interactions into Lasting Loyalty

Get More Reviews

Boost Your Business Reputation with Enhanced Customer Reviews

Web Chat

Connect Instantly with Customers through Interactive Web Chat.

Text Marketing

Drive Engagement with Targeted, Personalised Text Campaigns.

Unified Inbox

Streamline All Your Customer Communications in One Efficient Inbox.

All the Essential Online Growth Tools for Your Local Business


Ascend to Top-Rated Business Status with More Reviews

  • Enhance Customer Acquisition: Increase reviews to attract new customers and transform happy clients into online promoters.

  • Boost Google Visibility: Utilise reviews to ensure top placement on Google searches, enhancing online presence.

  • Centralised Review Management: Streamline review handling across platforms like Google, Facebook, and Trust Pilot with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Unified Inbox

Transform Customer Interactions from a Unified Inbox

  • Multi-Channel Management: Centralise communication from various channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Gmail in one inbox.

  • Team Collaboration: Enhance team efficiency in managing conversations by assigning and updating conversation statuses for quicker, improved customer interactions.

  • Template Efficiency: Leverage over 500 industry-specific templates for effective communication, from appointment reminders to referral requests.

Text Marketing

Accelerate Sales with Powerful Text Marketing Campaigns

  • Widespread Reach: Engage customers with SMS campaigns, achieving significantly higher open rates than email.

  • Effortless Campaign Creation: Utilise prebuilt templates and segmentation tools to launch personalised text campaigns swiftly.

  • Customer List Expansion: Grow your business by allowing customers to opt-in for texts both online and in-person, building a robust contact list.

Web Chat

Convert Web Visitors to Loyal Customers with Advanced WebChat

  • Capture Every Lead: Transform website visitors into long-term customers using Magic WebChat, backed by automated responses and templates.

  • Customer-Centric Engagement: Directly chat with website visitors via SMS, maintaining connection even after they leave your site.

  • Real-Time Connection: Receive instant notifications for new leads and swiftly direct them to the appropriate team for exceptional customer experiences.

Who Can Benefit From Reviews Master Hub?

Enhance your online reputation, increase your Google ranking, simplify customer communications, and consistently earn repeat patronage. Tailored for business owners seeking impactful growth.


Elevate your healthcare business with tailored review management, enhancing patient trust and reputation


Grow your dental practice through targeted reviews and improved patient engagement strategies.


Beauty & Salons

Boost your salon's allure by showcasing glowing customer reviews and engaging directly with clients.

Home Services

Enhance your home service business's credibility with positive customer feedback and efficient communication.


Drive your automotive business forward with authentic reviews, attracting more clients to your services.



Transform your retail business with customer reviews that highlight your unique offerings and service excellence.

Food and Beverage

Spice up your food and beverage business with enticing reviews, drawing more patrons to your culinary delights

Professional Services

Elevate your professional services with a strong online reputation, building trust and expanding your client base.

Real Estate

Maximize your real estate business’s appeal with impactful reviews that showcase your expertise and client satisfaction.

Education and Training

Advance your education services by highlighting positive reviews that reflect your commitment to learning excellence.

Fitness and Wellness

Energise your fitness or wellness business with customer testimonials that speak to your impactful health and wellness services.

Event Planning

Elevate your event planning business with rave reviews, drawing attention to your exceptional organisational skills and creativity.

Landscaping and Gardening

Showcase your landscaping expertise with compelling reviews, attracting more homeowners and businesses.

Pet Services

Boost your pet services business with positive reviews from satisfied pet owners, enhancing trust and reliability.


Capture more clients for your photography business with glowing reviews that showcase your artistic talent and customer satisfaction.

Cleaning Services

Clean up in your local market with stellar reviews that highlight your efficiency and attention to detail.

Childcare Services

Enhance your childcare service's reputation with positive reviews, showcasing your dedication and trustworthiness to parents.

Legal Services

Build your law firm's client base by highlighting satisfied customer testimonials, emphasizing your professionalism and success.

Therapy and Counseling

Elevate your therapy or counseling practice with heartfelt reviews that reflect the positive impact you have on clients' lives.

Handyman and Repair Services

Highlight your skills and reliability in handyman and repair work through authentic customer testimonials.

Music and Arts Education

Amplify your music or arts education business with rave reviews, showcasing your creative teaching methods and student successes.

Why Use Review Master Hub

Review Master Hub - offers a compelling solution for local businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and customer engagement. With our innovative platform, businesses can effortlessly manage and amplify their online reviews, which are crucial for standing out in today's competitive digital landscape. The platform simplifies customer communication, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty. By choosing Reviews Master Hub, businesses gain a powerful ally in driving growth, improving their Google rankings, and building a robust, positive online reputation. This is the go-to tool for businesses ready to elevate their success.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Problem: Struggling to stand out in local search results.

Solution: Reviews Master Hub increases your Google ranking through improved customer reviews, making your business more visible online.

Streamlined Customer Communication

Problem: Overwhelmed by managing customer feedback across multiple channels.

Solution: Centralise all customer interactions in one unified inbox, simplifying communication management.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Problem: Difficulty in retaining customers and encouraging repeat business.

Solution: Use targeted communication and feedback strategies to turn one-time customers into loyal patrons.

Efficient Feedback Management

Problem: Time-consuming process of gathering and responding to customer reviews.

Solution: Automate review collection and response, saving time and enhancing your online reputation management.

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Since using Reviews Master Hub, our customer engagement has skyrocketed. The unified communication system has made managing customer interactions a breeze. Highly recommend for any local business looking to grow!

Sukhi Wahiwala |

Reviews Master Hub transformed the way we handle customer feedback. The platform is user-friendly and the results are remarkable. It's an essential tool for any local business seeking to enhance their online presence.

Gary Setterfield | Business

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